Särkänniemi Floorball Cup 4-5 May 2019

Särkänniemi Floorball Cup is a junior tournament organised by Classic and Koovee in cooperation with Särkänniemi Adventure Park. Combining sports with entertainment, the Cup offers a great way to end the floorball season. In addition to floorball, the traditions of the two-day tournament include an excitement-filled evening in Särkänniemi Adventure Park after the first day of sports.

The tournament was organised for the first time in 2003. The combination of action-packed floorball and even more action-packed rides immediately became very popular.

In the spring 2019, the traditional tournament will be organised for the 17. time. In 2018, Särkänniemi Floorball Cup was one of the Finland's biggest junior floorball tournament: over 200 teams took part in the event. Despite the fact that the tournament has grown in popularity at a fast pace every year, the quality of the tournament has not been affected. We intend to retain the quality in the future as well.

Ask more info about technical stuff and bills from:

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Jere Oksanen / Koovee
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